Catering Rota 2019. Please sign up on the list in the Clubhouse or email and who will sign up for you.

Thanks to everyone who has helped provide bowls teas this season.

Thank you for signing up for the catering rota.  If every member commits to providing one bowling tea per year it ensures that we spread the work across the members and makes it a much less onerous task for each member. You will be contacted with details of the food order. 

  • Please collect cash to pay for the food from our Treasurer John Trout and ensure you obtain a receipt on collection of the food.  Alternatively, you may pay with your own money and claim it back from John on presentation of a receipt.
  • Food is kept in its original packaging until it is eaten. 
  • Ensure sandwiches are refrigerated ASAP after collection. 
  • Lay the tables with 6 or 8 plates and serviettes depending upon whether it is rinks or triples. No cutlery is required. 
  • Lay out mugs and teapots with milk jug, teabags, coffee and sugar.  
  • When match ends make tea. Do not place food on tables until the Captain has given the go ahead.
  • If there is a spare platter of sandwiches then these can now be opened and passed around without any unnecessary handling.  
  • Clear tables and wash up (use dishwasher for plates).  The St Martin's team members will help with the washing up.
  • Please allow visiting teams to help themselves to food first and ensure that it is evenly distributed around the table.  Do not start eating until the Captain gives the go ahead.

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